CLS Mindfulness and Racial/Social Justice Award

CLS Mindfulness and Racial/Social Justice Award Application Form

Please use this form to submit an application for this year's Mindfulness and Racial/Social Justice Award. Applications are due Friday, April 8, at 12 noon EST.

All CLS students (JDs, LLMs, and JSDs) are eligible to apply for the award.

The award includes a prize of $350 and an invitation for the recipient either to share their thoughts at a CLS Mindfulness Program event or to help plan a session on a topic or with a teacher they would like to see Columbia host. The award recipient will be announced later this spring, around the time of commencement.

For any questions or for any accommodation requests, please contact Kiana Taghavi at or Professor Elizabeth Emens at Thank you for your application.


CLS Mindfulness and Racial/Social Justice Award Nomination Form

Please use this form to nominate a CLS student to the Mindfulness and Racial/Social Justice Award by Monday, March 28th, at 10am EDT. We will notify this student that they have been nominated by someone (without naming you), and invite them to submit their own (brief) application, if they choose to do so. For any questions, please contact Kiana Taghavi at

Keith Geddings is currently a 3L in the law school and an active member of the mindfulness community. He has helped to plan events to expand the reach of the Mindfulness Program within the student body. In addition to his involvement with the Mindfulness Program, Keith is also serving as an Articles Editor for CBLR and as a Student Fellow for the Millstein Center for the 2021-2022 school year. He will join the New York office of Gunderson Dettmer following graduation.



Headshot of our host, Keith Geddings.